7 CCMBCInvestments

And God will generously provide all you need.

Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.

2 Corinthians 9:8

Why Invest?

Support Ministry

Your investment facilitates ministry growth in a variety of practical and profound ways. As Canada’s population continues to urbanize, the need for churches to expand in our cities also grows. This growth comes with higher real estate costs, which makes it increasingly difficult for churches to obtain mortgages. Your investment fills the church real estate mortgage finance gap. The program also helps pastors to access mortgages that may otherwise be unavailable, enabling them to buy homes in the communities in which they serve. We encourage you to read the Stories for examples of how these funds have been used.

Any additional income generated by CCMBC Investments is directed to ministry to help grow God’s Kingdom by supporting activities such as church planting, pastor leadership training and other church-led ministry efforts.

A Rich History

CCMBC Investments has provided steady returns for more than 40 years. This tradition continues under the strict oversight and guidance of highly experienced, conservative directors and staff who work hard to ensure funds are well managed. In our faith tradition of responsible financial management, we consider the stewardship of funds to be integral to our faith walk, and we make every effort to reduce our financial exposure and risk.

Investment monies are first used to provide loans secured by mortgages to MB churches, pastors and related entities. Excess funds not used for the mortgage program are invested in order to earn a return. Over the program's 40-year history, investors have always been paid the interest rate agreed upon.

Competitive rates

CCMBC Investments interest rates seek to be competitive with (and often exceed) the GIC rates offered by your bank or credit union.

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